Sunday, 13 March 2011

More Arranged Mad-Rage

Another excerpt from conversation with a potential groom Mr B:-

Vital Stats: Convent educated from Kolkata, he was calling from Singapore, HR Professional

Me: You say you are posted in Singapore for the next few months, whereto after that?

B: I could settle anywhere in the world..

Me: So, does that mean you could settle in England?

B: Yes, but Hull can't afford me..

Me: [Eyebrows coming closer] What do you mean?

B: I am very expensive, are there HR jobs in Hull that pay over £100,000

Me: Hmmm, no I don't think so... [Trying not to react to the obvious showing off]

Me: However, you could work in London?

B: Yes, I could work in London..

Me: So would you try that?

B: Ultimately, I'd like to settle in Mumbai. You would like Mumbai.. You could be a professor in Mumbai... Would that be such a bad thing?

Me: No it wouldn't. however over there I would have to start from scratch, whereas you've worked in UK, so you already know the system here...

B: Well, whenever I am in London; I get this allergy..

Me: Allergy!? [Fearing the worst sort of Hay fever, when patients can't breath and need to be admitted to hospital]
What kind of allergy? [Sounding evidently concerned]

B: The cold.


B: [repeats himself] I don't like the cold in London.

Me: [! Gobsmacked! Dislike = allergy????
In addition, because he doesn't want to put on some warm clothes and turn up the heating, I am expected to relocate and start from scratch in a totally different and new city??]

Outcome: As my friend Jo would say - 'one word - bin '.

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amrita said...

Nothing except... LOL... what cartoons.... seriously!!!!